Friday, July 23, 2010

Here are a few links that take my interest at the moment
firstly glass artist Lisa Cahill I was Lucky enough to attend a workshop she ran a little while ago and found her to be both warm and very generous with her knowledge of her craft. if you would like to see her work follow the link too.....

For those of us who enjoy a little more design in our practice I have included designer Philippe Starck. check out the site and see if you can spot his juicer

I thought I would include this next link as some might find it helpful with our next project.
Love the paper anime figures :<) super flat triple A PLU..arsss

although two of these are websites instead of blogs and well lets face it a blog is just a website thats easy to setup and update

As the times we live in arn't always as peaceful as we might like sometimes to protect the things we love you need to throw a brick.

And ABC arts on facebook for those that do it